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  • A woman rejoicing
    Celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    This issue of eJournal USA celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It explores the document’s origins, sites it within humanity’s common intellectual heritage, and explains how it has bettered the lives of individuals in every corner of the globe. View PDF (1.18 MB) »

  • Wind turbines
    Clean Energy Solutions

    The United States believes that the best way to promote energy security and help nations develop in a sustainable way is to promote clean and affordable energy technologies. View PDF (3.17 MB) »

  • Women protesting
    Nonviolent Paths to Social Change

    The past 30 years have seen a surge of nonviolent, “people power” movements around the world advancing human rights and toppling repressive rulers. This edition of eJournal USA demonstrates that nonviolent actions can be more powerful than armed insurrections in bringing about social change. View PDF (1.16 MB) »

  • Illustration of hands shaking
    Transforming the Culture of Corruption

    This issue of eJournal USA highlights the important roles that the public sector, private sector, and non-governmental organizations play in eradicating corruption worldwide. View PDF (945 K) »

  • A globe with media surrounding it (State Dept.)
    Media Making Change

    New media technologies give average citizens access to vast amounts of information and broad networks of people. People can use these tools to pursue social and political agendas of their own making. This edition of eJournal USA shows how this new empowerment is influencing nations in various parts of the world. View PDF (1.75 MB) »

  • Illustration of people standing together
    Immigrants Joining the Mainstream

    Immigrants made the United States what it is. Being an American depends on acceptance of certain American ideals, not on the place of birth of a person or of his or her ancestors. This edition of eJournal USA tells the story of immigration and diversity as it has played out through the centuries and continues to play out now. View PDF (2.11 MB) »

  • A woman in a cap and gown.
    College and University Education in the United States

    Through this journal, prospective international students and their parents and advisors will learn about the American system of higher education and academic and student life at U.S. colleges and universities. View PDF (2.35 MB) »

  • Collage of new media
    Media Emerging

    Innovation in information technologies has thrust the world into an era of democratic media in which people have access to news and information unbound from traditional barriers of time and geography. Innovation gives rise to new media formats with new models for information distribution, consumption, and use. View PDF (1.57 MB) »

  • Text reading 'Principles of Democracy' (State Dept.)
    Principles of Democracy

    This series of one-page primers provides the reader with a concise definition of democracy and expands on supporting elements such as good governance and the rights and responsibilities of people living in democracies. 

  • Illustration of a pen.
    Handbook of Independent Journalism

    This covers what every professional journalist should know — from how to research, write, and edit a story to how to write headlines, choose graphics, and select quotes and sound bites. Print, radio, TV, and Web-based journalism are discussed in detail, as well as the skills required in beat reporting. View PDF (814 K) »

  • Graphic of figures in front of a globe.
    Media Law Handbook

    What are the privileges and responsibilities of a free press? In Media Law Handbook, Professor Jane Kirtley, Silha Professor of Media Ethics and Law at the University of Minnesota, explores how free societies answer this question.

     View PDF (2.59 MB) »

  • Collage of people organizing.
    Cultivating Civil Society 2.0

    “Cultivating Civil Society 2.0” explores the evolving intersection between civil society and technology and offers examples of how civil society organizations are exploiting technology’s potential to advance their work. View PDF (2.06 MB) »

  • More than Elections, How Democracies Transfer Power eJournal cover (State Dept.)
    More Than Elections: How Democracies Transfer Power

    Democracy requires more than holding elections. Healthy democracies are defined by the expectations of citizens and the common rules, understandings, and trust they build. This eJournal USA explores the contours of civil society and political legitimacy within which peaceful transitions of power can occur. View PDF (3.51 MB) »

  • Cover for Internet Freedom eJournal (State Dept.)
    Internet Freedom

    Information has never been so free, but threats to the free flow of information on the Internet are growing. How governments and societies confront new and transformative Internet technologies is the subject of this eJournal USA. View PDF (1.5 MB) »

  • Collage of thumbnail images of writers' headshots.
    Writers on America

    Presents 15 essays by a diverse group of contemporary American writers, poets, essayists, and intellectuals, on how being an American has affected their decision to write and what they have written during successful careers. 

  • Illustration of a small business owner (State Dept.)
    Principles of Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is vital for stimulating economic growth and employment opportunities in all societies. This series of 21 one-page primers discusses the essentials for building and running a business from the planning stages to marketing a product. 

  • Text reading Pop Culture versus Real America.
    Pop Culture versus Real America

    U.S. television and cinema promote images of Americans that are … well … wrong! Pop Culture versus Real America will contrast those pop culture images with profiles of real Americans in every walk of life. View PDF (4.19 MB) »

  • Cover of Campus Connections eJournal USA (State Dept.)
    Campus Connections

    A globalized economy makes business and employment spill across national boundaries, so an education abroad is likely to make a young person better prepared for the world’s future. Almost double the numbers of students travel abroad for an education today as compared with 20 years ago. Campus Connections examines the international study experience and its influence on individual growth. View PDF (3.29 MB) »

  • Cover for See You in the USA eJournal (State Dept.)
    See you in the USA

    Every year tens of millions of people visit the United States. They come to study, or for business, or for fun. But the best reason of all is to meet Americans. View PDF (1.78 MB) »

  • Close-up of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Free At Last

    This book recounts how African-Americans struggled to win the civil rights enjoyed by other Americans. It is a story of persistence that ultimately succeeded by forcing Americans to confront the shameful gap between their principles of equality and the inequality faced by millions of their fellow citizens. View PDF (6.35 MB) »

  • Collage of volunteers at work.
    American Citizenship

    In the United States, government serves the citizens. It protects their constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and religion, and the right to equal protection under the law. This book depicts American citizens exercising the many rights and privileges that empower them to participate fully in the nation's political, economic, and cultural life. View PDF (4.57 MB) »

  • Abstract illustration of man at fork in road with dollar signs in distance (Getty Images)
    USA Economy in Brief

    This 2011 revised edition shows how competition shapes the U.S. economy and reflects the never-ending debate through history about the proper role of government in the economy. View PDF (3.75 MB) »

  • Graphics of American landmarks. (State Dept.)
    Outline of U.S. History

    A chronological look at how the United States took shape -- from its origins as an obscure set of colonies on the Atlantic coast a little more than 200 years ago into what one political analyst today calls "the first universal nation." This fully illustrated edition has been completely revised and updated by Alonzo L. Hamby, Distinguished Professor of History at Ohio University. View PDF (4.26 MB) »

  • Close-up of illustration of the Statue of Liberty.
    EJ: US History Learner English

    This is the first in a planned series of books to help readers improve their English skills. Each book will teach you something about the United States. This book is about U.S. history. You can read the text or listen as a native-speaker reads it aloud. View PDF (4.04 MB) »

  • Close-up of skyscrapers (State Dept.)
    My Town

    My Town: Writers on American Cities features 12 American authors describing how the U.S. cities where they live contribute to their creativity.  View PDF (5 MB) »

  • Cover image for A Living Legacy: Preserving Intangible Culture (State Dept.)
    A Living Legacy: Preserving Intangible Culture

    The cultural heritage of the United States is rich, diverse and grounded in the contributions of many peoples. Many tangible expressions of this cultural patrimony are protected in museums, galleries, and other publicly and privately supported institutions. But no museum can preserve less tangible forms of cultural expression as effectively as those who perform them. View PDF (2.51 MB) »

  • Drawing of leafy tree (State Dept.)
    Climate Action Goes Local

    Learn how governments, businesses and communities in Central America, East Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the United States are partnering to leverage their resources to combat climate change. View PDF (1.59 MB) »

  • A teacher and student at a chalkboard (State Dept.)
    Peace Corps — 50 Years of Promoting Friendship

    In this issue of eJournal USA, we mark the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps with narratives written by past volunteers and we glimpse the future of the Peace Corps in an essay by current Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams. View PDF (1.55 MB) »

  • Cover for the Refugees Building New Lives in the United States eJournal (State Dept.)
    Refugees Building New Lives in the United States

    Diversity and plurality are among the United States’ defining national characteristics. These national values inspire individual Americans to strengthen the country’s social fabric by welcoming and helping integrate refugees into U.S. communities. View PDF (2.74 MB) »

  • Cover for Multicultural Literature in the United States Today eJournal USA (State Dept.)
    Multicultural Literature in the United States Today

    The United States is enriched culturally by immigrants from many nations. This edition of eJournal USA focuses on distinguished American writers from various ethnic backgrounds who add immeasurably to mutual understanding and appreciation through tales of their native lands and their experiences as Americans. View PDF (1.12 MB) »

  • Cover of the Roots of Innovation eJournal USA (State Dept.)
    Roots of Innovation

    Economic expansion depends more and more on innovation — not simply producing more goods and services, but producing ever newer goods and services. This issue of eJournal USA seeks to show that innovation needs the right conditions to emerge. View PDF (2.27 MB) »

  • Close-up of young girl (AP Images)
    Educating Women and Girls

    This issue of eJournal USA explores how international organizations, state governments, the private sector and individuals — in many different countries — are promoting education for women and girls and are improving people’s lives. View PDF (1.48 MB) »

  • Collage of famous women (State Dept.)
    Women of Influence

    This collection chronicles how 21 notable American women broke new ground, some by championing equal rights for all and others by their accomplishments in fields such as government, literature, and even in war.  View PDF (1.61 MB) »

  • Publication cover
    Global Water Issues

    This book demonstrates the United States’ commitment to the challenging issue of water security and the unrelenting pursuit of effective solutions. As water becomes a scarce commodity, our success depends on mutual dialogue, cooperation and discipline in conserving this precious resource. View PDF (21 MB) »

  • Climate Change Partnerships eJournal cover (State Dept.)
    Climate Change Partnerships

    Partnerships leverage the complementary skills and talents of diverse partners and likely will be among the required responses to global climate change. View PDF (1.33 MB) »

  • Silhouette of a policeman and child with text Ethical and Effective Policing (State Dept.)
    Ethical and Effective Policing

    This issue of eJournal USA examines the ways in which citizens and police strive to sustain the social contract. View PDF (1.51 MB) »

  • Governance and Growth (State Dept.)
    Governance and Growth

    The link between stable, honest government and economic prosperity is being recognized increasingly around the globe by governments, private sector leaders, and entrepreneurs. Voices from all these quarters are heard in this edition of eJournal USAView PDF (1.91 MB) »

  • Cartoon of people in boat on ocean (State Dept.)
    Entrepreneurs: The Next Generation

    This issue of eJournal USA explores the world of entrepreneurship for young people. View PDF (1.82 MB) »

  • Mennonites singing hyms in a family home (AP Images)
    Freedom of Faith

    This edition of eJournal USA examines how the nation adjusts to these demographic changes to remain true to the principles of freedom of faith.  View PDF (852 K) »

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